CSR Classics Hack

The CSR Classics hack will allow you to modify your game with CSR Classics cheats so that you can increase your cash and gold whenever you need to, allowing you to purchase better vehicles and upgrades to make progress easier when progressing through the story and competing with online opponents.

All you need to do is enter your username/email, select the platform and region (so it finds the correct account) and how much Gold and Cash you wish to add then hit start.

How to get unlimited cash and gold in CSR Classics

  1. Click access CSR Classics Hack

  2. Enter the username/email you use to play

  3. Select your platform and region for CSR Classics cheats

  4. Now choose how much Gold and Cash you wish to add to your game then hit start

  5. Wait for the CSR Classics Hack to complete

  6. At this point you may be asked to verify you are a human
  7. Select an app or game and complete any instructions to prove you are not a bot
  8. Enjoy your unlimited cash and gold in CSR Classics!

CSR Classics Cheats Hack screenshot

As you can see from the above screenshot, the CSR Classics cheat has given our new account 99,796,976 cash and 99,932,555 gold, with this much starting off with the game becomes much easier! If you do not want to make it THIS easy, just select a lower amount. 25,000 gold for example is enough to keep you going without making the game too easy, even then, you can use it sparingly if you wish.

So how does it work? You simply enter the basic information required: your username/email, the platform you play CSR Classics on, and the region you live in, then select the amount of cash and gold you want to add to your game. First time users that are hesitant may want to add the lowest amounts to begin with, but it doesn’t really matter. When you press start the csr classics cheats will run and find your account then apply the amounts you have selected. Once it has located everything it needs, it is ready to process, at this point you may be asked to verify that you are a human being, this is simply to prevent abuse of the csr classics hack, we don’t want a few bad apples ruining it for the rest of us. If the verification window pops up, select a survey to complete and you should be good to go. You must use real information or it won’t work, the survey providers have become very good at detecting fraudulent use, if you attempt to defraud them your IP and MAC (unique identifier for your device) addresses may be blacklisted by them and you won’t be able to use the csr classics cheats engine, don’t risk it. If you have entered your real information and it still has not worked, try it again, sometimes it can take a few minutes to verify the data is correct, or it may not have enough data to verify the information is correct, just complete another survey, a minority of users have reported it took them 6 or more attempts before it would allow the csr classics hack to complete. It may seem strict, but this is to protect the csr classics cheats against abuse and to ensure that our resources are not wasted by automated systems. In the rare event that you have completed over 5 surveys and it still has not added the cash and gold to your account, try again after 24 hours, it could be it needs more time to validate your information, or it could be the servers are overloaded with requests. Again, a minority of users have told us they had to try it a few times each day for a week before it eventually let them proceed, it really varies person to person. Once you have received your csr classics cheats we would really appreciate it if you would share it with your friends so they can use it too!

Why should you play CSR Classics? If you’re here, chances are you already do, however we get a lot of people coming to this web site because they saw their friends on social media sharing the link after using the CSR Classics hack for themselves and want to find out more about it, so we have written up a little about the game so you can find out if you think you might enjoy it too. If you do decide to play it, you can start your game off using our CSR Classics cheats to give you more cash and gold, allowing you to fly through the beginning (which, in most games of course, tends to be a tad dull and boring, or too slow to start off), as you can see above it is extremely easy to use. Just make an account in the game then come back here and run the hack, then you can buy whatever you want in the game. After you have created your account and ran the hack, you should thank your friend for sharing our link, then please share it yourself as well so others know about it, you might just get someone else hooked on CSR Classics!

There are a variety of different things to do in CSR classics, there is the single-player story mode which guides you through the different aspects of the game as you complete it, and allows you to unlock other features such as playing against real people, this becomes available at Tier 2. Below is mostly regarding the single-player side of things, it does contain spoilers so if that is something you wish to avoid you should probably just download the game and try it for yourself, that is really the best way to find out if you like something.

CSR Classics is an interesting, free-to-play drag-racing game where you play as a new drag-racer looking to make a name for themself while fixing up and restoring old classics (which can be purchased for the game’s cash, or the premium currency gold which can be earned in a variety of ways in the game itself, purchased will real-life money, or for free using our CSR Classics hack) in a city that somewhat closely resembles Las Vegas, which is dominated by a total of five racing crews which you will have to defeat each in turn in order to progress the storyline, which consists of you and your agent attempting to prove the corruption of the business magnate Mr Baladin. Created by Boss Alien in collaboration with Mad Atom Games and published by NaturalMotion Games, originally released in October in 2013 for iOS then gradually for different types of Android after March 2014, CSR Classics is the sequel, or follow up title to the previously successful CSR Racing, sharing many similar in-game mechanics to the previous game but featuring a range of classic racing cars from the 50’s to the 80s.

The single-player aspect of CSR Classics is compartmentalised into five different tiers, while each tier introduces progressively more difficult opponents with better and faster vehicles, forcing you to continue upgrading your own if you intend on beating them. Before you can challenge each boss you must eliminate the rest of their crew for that tier level, so you can move on to the next crew. Once you have defeated each boss three times you will be challenged to a high-stakes rematch, with your prize for winning being that crew leader’s vehicle! However, should you lose the rematch, you must pay back the prize of gold that you just won. However, if you use our CSR Classics hack, losing the gold won’t be a problem for you, so don’t worry if you lose.

You are found by the agent at the start of the game before completing a tutorial and earning enough money to purchase your first vehicle, you will then be guided through different aspects of the game and then begin to challenge the first crew that must be defeated, the Authentics, led by a man named Marco. After you defeat Marco’s crew members then begin to personally challenge him, the Agent approaches and starts explaining their suspicion of Mr Baledin who has recently become leader of the top crew and purchased the massive casino, The Valentine. The Agent also believes that each of the other crew leaders are also involved in the conspiracy of Mr Baledin’s rise to power, revealing that Marco is a bit of a loser and is interested in another crew leader, Kandy, which has something to do with Mr Baledin but at this point in the game it is unclear what that is. Once you have defeated Marco and put him in his place you will progress on to Tier 2.

Once you have entered Tier level 2 you can begin to challenge the next crew, the Thrillers, and their crew leader, Olivia. Like last time, as you begin to challenge her your Agent will reveal more information on your opponent, telling you of her background and interest in a car show that she has been trying to make successful and failing, resulting in her having to approach Mr Baledin for a loan in a desperate attempt to turn things around, however it appears to have done little to help her financial situation so her and her crew agree to race for Mr Baledin in order to pay off the debt she owes him. As before, once you have defeated Olivia and her Thrillers, you will progress on to Tier 3.

The Tier 3 crew is called the High Rollers, led by someone called Lord Aziz who are your target for challenging. You get the gist of how this all plays out now, once you begin to challenge Lord Aziz your Agent will reveal more of the back-story, Lord Aziz had inhereted all of his father’s wealth who had recently died, however rather than spend the money on something worthwhile like doing up his cars, he went to the casino and gambled it all playing Baccarat, accusing Mr Baledin of rigging the games causing him to lose it all. He despises Mr Baledin but has no choice but to work for him because he has no money. Of course, once you defeat Lord Aziz of the High Rollers you will progress on to Tier 4.

Now in Tier 4, the crew you must defeat is called the Lucky 7’s and their leader, Kandy. Again, once you have defeated each of the Lucky 7’s and proceed to challenge Kandy (what a stupid name) the Agent will inform you that Kandy has been interested in Mr Baledin despite supposedly already going out with Marco of the Authentics. Kandy and Marco had previously attempted to carry out a heist on The Valentine casino and were both caught by Mr Baledin, who then coerced the two of them into racing for him rather than alerting the authorities, defeat Kandy and you will be in the final tier.

For the fifth and final tier, Tier 5, you must defeat Mr Baledin and his racing crew, named The House, after his casino. As we have done for four times now, defeat the crew so that you may challenge Mr Baledin, the ultimate leader in the CSR Classics universe. This time, the Agent will tell you of a plan he has come up with to get Mr Baledin arrested, you must distract Mr Baledin by repeatedly racing him over and over so that the authorities can set up a sting at the casino, The Valentine, for Mr Baledin to return to allowing him to be captured with ease. Once you have defeated Mr Baledin for the third time, he will be shown to you in custody and the Agent will again approach you letting you know that the league of CSR Classics has elected Marco as the new ultimate leader unanimously. Marco has vowed to turn the league around and make it much better than it was under Mr Baledin’s rule. You are congratulated by the former crew leaders for the victory against the now imprisoned former league leader by his previous crew leaders as they secretly all hated him, and you are shown an earlier discussion between Mr Baledin and an unknown associate discussing how their plan to take over was pulled off perfectly. As it turns out, it is actually Marco who is the true leader of The House crew, who had took up the position of the lowest leader to disguise his own involvement. He now challenges you to one final race, racing for pinks with Mr Baledin’s AC Cobra MkIII. Simply defeat Marco again and you will not only claim the new vehicle but also have completed the storyline for CSR Classics, congratulations! Now all you must do is mop up the rest of the game’s achievements and continue challenging other players while restoring the last of your vehicles.

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