This site is for gamers who enjoy the app CSR Classics but find some aspects of the game a little more challenging than they would have liked. By using some cheats you are able to increase your cash and gold within the game so you can spend it on new vehicles or upgrading your current vehicles and even paying the mechanic to tune up your ride giving that small but important speed bonus. After years of hard work the cheat is finally available for you to use at your discretion.

We are gamers too, and we sometimes get annoyed when games constantly want you to spend money to make any significant progress, this is extremely prevalent with phone apps and games at the moment, and only looks set to rise in 2017. That is why we developed the csr classics hack so we could buy things in the game that were unavailable to us at that time, or would take too long to save up for. The whole point of gaming is entertainment, and rather than repeatedly grind out easier races or missions just to make a few thousand cash, or perhaps a handful of gold that is easily spent again in a matter of seconds, we decided to do something about it.

After we got it working we tested it for months, again and again on different accounts, devices/platforms and in different regions as well as using different variables of amounts to be sure it all worked smoothly, then thought best to release it for public use, that is why you can use it now for your own game. However, it does take a lot of resources to run, that is why you may be asked to verify you are a human, this is a normal occurance, if you are asked for verication simply input your correct information (fake information won’t work) this is to determine that you are not a bot designed to abuse the CSR Classics hack and use up all of our resources. If it doesn’t work the first time, you may need to try it again, sometimes it won’t have enough data to work with and decide whether you are a bot or a human, it doesn’t take very long and you will save a lot more time than you would grinding easy races over and over again just to buy your next part upgrade.

Once you have used the CSR Classics cheats you should receive them the next time you play the game, we would really like it if you could show your thanks by sharing our site with your friends so they can try it out for themselves. If you have any issues, please consult the FAQ for more information. Due to the popularity of this site, if you contact us with a question already answered in the FAQ we won’t receive your email as it will be automatically filtered out, this is to cut down on the time needed to respond to everyone. We would rather be playing games instead of answering the same questions over and over again, that is why the FAQ is there, so please consult it first.

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